28 Oct 2022

UK Takes First Step Towards Planning a Hydrogen Town Trial

28 Oct 2022  by   

Image: Pembrokeshire County Council

The UK government has brought forward a plan for a hydrogen town trial.

Hydrogen is considered an alternative heat source. Experts had previously explained that it might be possible to repurpose large parts of the UK’s existing gas infrastructure to distribute hydrogen for heat.

In a letter sent to gas distribution network operators (GDNs), the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy invited companies to submit proposals for areas that appear suitable for a large scale hydrogen heating trial.

The GDNs delivering the trial will be required to offer an attractive consumer offer for participants, as well as viable alternative options for consumers who do not wish to or cannot participate in the trial, such as those using electric cookers and heating systems.

The government is set to contribute towards the cost of developing plans.


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