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03 Oct 2022

Laos Poised to Be Southeast Asia’s Key Electricity Supplier

03 Oct 2022  by   

Source: Pexels

Laos will further establish its status as a key supplier of electricity in Southeast Asia as it integrates its power grid into more markets, Fitch Solutions reported.

Laos’ extensive electricity grid spans Cambodia, Mainland China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With the Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project, Laos will pave the way for it to be a key regional supplier of electricity.

“This will utilise its abundance of hydropower to provide stable baseload power, ensuring power supply flexibility for neighbours through an integrated grid,” Fitch noted.

“The LTMS-PIP will extend electricity export capabilities to markets which are not adjacent to Laos, such as Malaysia and Singapore.”

The project will also allow Singapore to draw electricity from up to 100-megawatt of hydropower capacity within Laos’ borders.

“We expect cross-border electricity trade agreements to bring clarity to the technical and regulatory challenges that markets face, such as the areas where grid infrastructures need upgrading, and which markets should provide the funding for that.”



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