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22 Aug 2022

EMEC Scores Funding for Hydrogen Trailers at Tidal Power Project Site

22 Aug 2022  by   

Net Zero & Energy Secretary Michael Matheson at EMEC site on Eday with hydrogen transport trailer (credit EMEC)

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has been awarded £454,000 ($539,000) to secure two hydrogen tube trailers that will improve hydrogen supply in Orkney.

The funding is made available by the Scottish government and will be used to ensure a resilient supply of renewable hydrogen from the Orkney island of Eday to the mainland.

EMEC’s Eday project involves a combination of tidal power and flow batteries to power a hydrogen production plant.

The system works by storing electricity generated by tidal turbines during high power periods, and discharging it during low power periods. This creates a smooth and continuous tidal generation profile and provides on-demand electricity to turn into hydrogen using EMEC’s 670kW hydrogen electrolyser.

According to EMEC, this project demonstrates the world’s first continuous hydrogen production from variable renewable generation.

Neil Kermode, EMEC’s Managing Director, said: “EMEC is really grateful for this important funding. We’ve seen huge growth in the interest in hydrogen in recent years and we need the means to transport the gas to where it is to be used. These trailers will improve the logistics and support exciting new projects.

“Since EMEC first produced hydrogen in 2017, we have helped projects explore the use of hydrogen for the decarbonisation of planes, road vehicles and ferries, but we feel we have barely scratched the surface. There is a lot more to do. These trailers will allow us to use the existing electrolyser more fully and will position EMEC to expand hydrogen production in the coming years.

Net zero and energy secretary Michael Matheson announced the funding during a trip to Orkney. Matheson said in a statement: “Scotland has the resources, the people and the ambition to become a world leader in hydrogen production – no more so than in Orkney, which is at the vanguard of our green energy revolution.

“The Scottish Government is committed to working with the energy sector to establish hydrogen as an important part of our a cleaner, greener energy system and deliver a fair and just transition to net zero.

“Our partnership and support of EMEC has helped to pave the way for a number of world-first tidal and hydrogen demonstration projects in Orkney. These projects have been instrumental in developing both hydrogen supply and demand on the islands. These trailers will help support a number of hydrogen projects on Orkney and help it continue to lead the way in Scotland’s emerging hydrogen sector.”


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