Thermal Power

08 Oct 2019

Gazprom Builds Small-Sized Thermal Power Plant in Romania

08 Oct 2019   

NIS Petrol, the Serbian subsidiary of Russian giant Gazprom, will build a thermal power plant with a total installed capacity of 7.5 MW in the city of Jimbolia, at Romania’s border with Serbia, reported.

The company has already obtained the permit for this project from local energy market regulator ANRE. ANRE authorized NIS Petrol as an electricity supplier, on September 23, and as an electricity producer, on October 1.

This indicates that NIS is close to starting production at its Jimbolia and Periam gas perimeters in Western Romania.

The power unit will use part of the gas produced in the two perimeters and supply the electricity needed by the upstream operations.

The size of the plant is at least three times the size of similar plants operated by OMV Petrom in Romania.

OMV Petrom operates more than 30 such units with a combined installed capacity of 72MW.

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