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18 Jul 2022

Australia Pacific LNG Welcomes New CEO

18 Jul 2022  by   
Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) has announced that a new CEO will take the helm as the company seeks to strengthen its position as one of Eastern Australia’s largest natural gas suppliers.

Former President of ConnocoPhillips’ Business Unit, Khoa Dao, will lead APLNG through a crucial period in Australia’s renewable energy transition.

Mr Dao has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry across the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam and Canada.

Mr Dao said he was excited to guide APLNG through unprecedented challenges in the global energy markets.

“Australia Pacific LNG is playing its part to ensure Australia has a stable and secure supply of gas during the current period of unprecedented turmoil in global energy markets,” Mr Dao said.

“We will continue to invest and develop our gas resources to fulfill our long-term gas sales commitments and offer additional volumes to the domestic market.

“With the global energy transition underway, we also expect LNG to play an increasingly important role, as it is lower in greenhouse gas emissions intensity than other fuels.”


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