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04 Jul 2022

Fire at Norway’s Mongstad Oil Refinery Extinguished

04 Jul 2022  by   

Image: Equinor

A fire that broke out at the Mongstad oil refinery in Norway on Sunday morning has been extinguished, according to Equinor.

The incident, which was reported at 5.46am yesterday, occurred in a section of the refinery that produces gasoline, leading to parts of the plant involved in production of some refined products affected.

No personnel injuries were reported and the plant was evacuated, apart form critical personnel handling operations and emergency response.

On Sunday evening, Equinor announced the fire had been extinguished, with further repairs to be conducted before restart of the affected part of the plant.

Equinor said in a statement: “The situation is being handled by the emergency response organisation. A controlled combustion has been conducted from the leakage point. The fire is now extinguished.

“The work to maintain and secure the affected system continues. Further examinations and any repairs will be conducted before the affected part of the processing plant can be restarted.”


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