Wind Power

09 Jun 2022

May the Wind Be With You!

09 Jun 2022  by   

Image: Jim Ekstrand/ Shutterstock

The Irish grid received a record amount of green juice from wind farms in May.

A new report suggests wind energy provided nearly 34% of Ireland’s electricity last month.

The figures were up 9% compared to May last year, according to Wind Energy Ireland.

The representative body for the Irish wind industry notes that was the most power ever generated by wind this month.

It added that in the past five months of 2022, wind has provided 37% of Ireland’s electricity.

Noel Cunniffe, Chief Executive Officer of Wind Energy Ireland, said: “Irish wind farms have delivered enormous amounts of clean energy over the first five months of the year, cutting our carbon emissions and helping to insulate Irish consumers from our dependence on expensive imported gas.

“We expect to see new wind farms connected before the end of 2022 and with solar farms connecting to the grid this year for the first time too, the two technologies will increasingly be able to work together to push fossil fuels off the Irish electricity system.”


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