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12 May 2022

Ingeteam Touts Italy’s Largest Storage System

12 May 2022  by   

The storage plant will feature 59 containers. Image: Ingeteam

Spanish power conversion specialist Ingeteam will supply what it has described as the “largest energy storage system” in Italy.

The Zamudio-based will ship 59 containerized lithium-ion batteries plus 15 power station units to an unnamed client in northern Italy, Ingeteam announced last week. It said the grid-connected facility will go live in 2023.

It said the power stations – which will include transformers, switchgear and ancillary services, plus “the integration of the batteries in containers” – will be “fully European in manufacture.” The system, which will be installed to supply grid services, will have a power rating of 70 MW and storage capacity of 340 MWh, based on 2.88 MW/5.76 MWh containers.

“This project in itself represents the energy transition towards a renewable energy-based model in which energy storage plays a fundamental role,” Stefano Domenicali, MD of Ingeteam Italy, said in a press release issued by the company last week. “It is necessary to promote the transition to a new energy model decisively and ambitiously, and not only to achieve a clean energy model but also because renewables are the most competitive generating technology as well as being the drivers of local employment and the only ones to ensure that each country can achieve energy independence.”

Ingeteam said it recently commissioned the “first large-scale PV plant in Spain to incorporate an energy storage system.” The Arañuelo III solar project features a 3 MW/9 MWh storage system installed with DC coupling, so the battery converters share a DC connection with the PV inverters.


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