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11 May 2022

Vena Energy Forms Consortium to Develop Offshore Wind Project

11 May 2022  by   
The consortium was formed with Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. and Toho Gas Co., Ltd.

Vena Energy Holdings Ltd. has formed a consortium with Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc., and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. for the development of an offshore wind project.

The project will be located in Aomori South, which the Japanese government identified as a promising area for offshore wind.

This was also provided under the Act on Promoting the Utilisation of Seas Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities.

“Offshore wind will be a key driver of the transition to a sustainable energy sector in Japan and we are excited to partner in this effort with Yonden and Toho Gas, two like-minded companies with an unparalleled focus on servicing local communities across Japan and a strong determination to contribute to the sustainable energy transition,” Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy Japan, said.

“With the Aomori South Offshore wind project, we look forward to contributing to the achievement of Japan’s energy independence and carbon neutrality goals, while empowering and benefiting our local communities and stakeholders.”

The project is currently undergoing all steps of the development process, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), technical and sustainability-related activities.


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