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21 Apr 2022

Intel Commits to Net Zero by 2040

21 Apr 2022  by   

Image: Daniel Constante / Shutterstock

Intel has committed to achieving net zero emissions across its operations by 2040.

The technology company has also pledged to increase the energy efficiency of its products and platforms, as well as work with customers and partners to help lower their emissions and understand their carbon footprints.

By 2030, the company is targeting 100% renewable energy use, to invest $300 million (£230m) into energy saving measures at its facilities and launch a new research division devoted to identifying greener chemicals to use in its equipment.

Although its 2040 target is exclusive to Scope 1 and 2 emissions, it has stated that by 2030 it is aiming for its Scope 3 emissions to be 30% lower than they are at present.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, said: “As one of the world’s leading semiconductor design and manufacturing companies, Intel is in a unique position to make a difference not only in our own operations, but in a way that makes it easier for customers, partners and our whole value chain to take meaningful action too.”


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