12 Apr 2022

Rooftop Solar PV Energy to Power Poultry Factories in Morocco

12 Apr 2022  by   

Image: cascoly2, 123RF.

Norwegian renewable investment company Empower New Energy signed an investment contract with the largest poultry group in Morocco, Zalar Holdings, to develop a 2.5MW rooftop solar PV project.

The project is expected to generate an estimated 3,800MWh a year. The $2million investment should result in an annual reduction of Zalar’s CO2 emissions equal to around 3,000 tons a year.

Terje Osmundsen, Empower Founder/CEO said they are honoured to team up with Zalar and Jet Energy to demonstrate how solar energy investment in industries can play a key role in Morocco’s energy transition.

“The project will not only save about 3,000 tons of CO2 annually but will also create and protect about 100 jobs directly and indirectly. By minimising the time and resources required to finance projects of this nature, we demonstrate how our investment fund enables a faster uptake of clean energy production in North Africa,” said Osmundsen.

rooftop solar PV Morocco

Jet Energy’s rooftop solar PV installation for a factory in Casablanca. Image: Jet Energy.

Ismail Tadlaoui, CEO of Jet Energy: “In this period of uncertainty, solar photovoltaic is the ideal solution for energy-users who wish to secure a competitive cost of electricity over the long term while improving their carbon footprint.”

Moroccan renewable energy company JET Energy will build the rooftop solar PV installations to power four Zalar poultry factories across Morocco. The four solar plants will be installed on the roofs of Zalar’s sites in Eldin Had Soualem, Agro Industrielle Al Atlas Tit Mellil, Banchereau Maroc Mediouna and Al Alf Fes on a 16-year contract.

Siham Benhamane, Zalar Holding CEO said social and environmental protection is a top priority for their poultry group’s subsidiaries: “Through this project, we will achieve a measurable impact in affordable, reliable and clean energy.”


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