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22 Mar 2022

SIMEC Atlantis Redeploys MeyGen Tidal Turbine

22 Mar 2022  by   
SIMEC Atlantis Energy has redeployed its 1.5MW tidal energy turbine – the AR1500 – at its MeyGen site offshore Scotland.

The AR1500 tidal turbine (Courtesy of SIMEC Atlantis)
The turbine has been out of the water for upgrade and maintenance work, and is now back on site generating green, predictable electricity, with no visual impact.

The MeyGen site is the largest fully consented tidal stream site in the world and SIMEC Atlantis is continuing to work with the UK Government and industry partners to unlock its full potential, delivering a 400MW green and predictable power station.

With two of the four turbines now fully operational, SIMEC Atlantis said it is proceeding with the work to redeploy other two turbines, which are out the water for maintenance and repair.

The turbines are expected to be back in the water within the next 12 months, according to SIMEC Atlantis’ plans.

Graham Reid, SIMEC Atlantis’ CEO, said: “I am extremely proud of the team and all the work that went in to ensure this successful redeployment. This is another milestone that demonstrates that the industry is continuing to learn and develop, and I am delighted that our turbine is back where it belongs.

“Our ambition is to deliver more turbines in the water for the benefit of our business, our economy and the planet and we continue our work in collaboration with Government and the industry to deliver this.”

Since the installation of the MeyGen project back in 2016, SIMEC Atlantis has continued to further advance its tidal energy technology. Recently, the company completed a joint project with Asturfeito, developing a new pitch system that enables the rotor diameter and rated capacity of tidal energy turbines to increase.


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