18 Mar 2022

ARENA Opens Funding Round for German-Australian Hydrogen Initiative

18 Mar 2022  by   
Australia and Germany committed $36.6m (A$50m) and $55.2m (EU50m), respectively.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has opened its funding round for the hydrogen development initiative by Germany and Australia.

The Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator or HyGATE initiative is aimed to “support real-world pilot, trial and demonstration projects along the hydrogen supply chain.”

HyGATE also gears towards strengthening the Australian–German cooperation on the cost reduction for producing hydrogen from renewable resources and stimulating the innovation process.

ARENA said in a statement that the country has committed around $36.6m (A$50m), whilst Germany committed $55.2m (EU50m) for the project.

Eligible Australian organisations may apply for funding through the ARENA to support projects delivering on one or more specified outcomes which include demonstrating highly innovative technology across the renewable hydrogen value chain.

The project outcomes also include reducing the cost of hydrogen production, transport, storage and use, and supporting the commercial viability of renewable hydrogen, and developing an Australian-German supply chain for renewable hydrogen.

They may also support projects encouraging cross-country collaboration and knowledge sharing between organisations from the two countries, and providing price discovery and transparency related to the current and project economics for renewable hydrogen technologies.

“International partnerships will be key in helping Australia and the world to achieve net zero emissions, while also ensuring that we open up new market opportunities for the production of renewable hydrogen and other products made through its use, such as low emissions metals,” ARENE CEO Darren Miller said.

$1 = A$1.37, EU0.91


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