11 Mar 2022

Risen Energy to Supply 650 MW Modules to Sinopec’s H2 Project in Xinjiang

11 Mar 2022  by   
Chinese solar module manufacturer Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has announced that it has won the bid to supply TITAN 650W PV modules to Sinopec’s green hydrogen demonstration project in Kuqa County, Xinjiang, China.
The 361 MW project, once completed, is expected to be the world’s largest PV-based hydrogen production facility and is regarded as a breakthrough in promoting the transformation of China’s big traditional energy producers.
Given the bid’s requirement for PV modules with a power output of at least 650W, the four companies that produce 210mm modules or both 210mm and 182mm modules were the only ones considered. Risen Energy ranks first by virtue of its 210mm solar modules, reflecting the increasing popularity of high-power modules amongst customers as well as the dominance of the 210mm module in the market, claims the company.
“Large-size PV modules are designed to increase power output and efficiency as a way to reduce the cost and maximize the effectiveness of PV products, delivering additional power generation benefits to customers,” an executive at Risen Energy recently said, when explaining the firm’s strategy. The selection by Sinopec is a testament to the validity of the company’s proactive mindset that focuses on large-size modules, the company claims.
Sinopec’s participation in the building of the world’s largest PV-based green hydrogen production project with a designed annual output of 20,000 tons demonstrates the firm’s ongoing commitment to implementing its green, low-carbon development strategy while supporting the country’s carbon peak and neutrality targets, states Risen.
Risen Energy plans to broaden the application of clean energy by collaborating with Sinopec to explore new approaches to PV-based hydrogen production through the utilization of its integrated competence in products and technologies.
The company recently announced its partnership with Ningbo South Coastal Economic Development for a 15 GW N-type ‘Ultra-Low-Carbon High-efficiency’ hetero-junction cells factory and a 15 GW ‘high-efficiency’ solar module production facility.


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