09 Mar 2022

Centrica Partners with the UK’s National Grid to Inject Green Hydrogen into the National Transmission System

09 Mar 2022  by   
Centrica and the National Grid have partnered to explore the possibility of injecting green hydrogen into the UK’s National Transmission System (NTS) in order to decarbonise gas networks.
The project will be the first of three phases which will build on previous research and development that the National Grid has performed in the past.
Not only will the project target hydrogen injection, it will also review hydrogen production and inform the development of appropriate financial incentives to support the growing hydrogen industry in the UK.
If successful, this project (and the potential follow-up phases) will enable excess renewable electricity to be used to create hydrogen, which can then be injected into the gas network – an example of a ‘whole system’ approach to reaching net zero.
William Mezzullo, Head of Hydrogen at Centrica, said, “The ambition of this project is to help understand and overcome some of the barriers to realising an emissions free hydrogen gas grid. We see hydrogen as having an important role in helping our customers transition to net zero by 2050.”
John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services, said, “We are very pleased to support National Grid in this initiative which builds on the successful development of the biomethane market in the UK.
“The NTS is a particularly valuable asset for the creation of a Green Hydrogen market with prospects for significant investment in the next few years as green hydrogen coupled with a Guarantee of Origin system helps I&C customers to replace the natural gas they consume.”


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