07 Mar 2022

Finnish Start-up Commits to 50 Hydrogen Station Developments by 2030

07 Mar 2022  by   
Finland-based start-up HydRe wants to take the hydrogen mobility market by storm, having unveils plans to develop 50 hydrogen stations across the country by 2030.
Focused on the heavy-duty transportation market, the stations will offer clean hydrogen in locations such as logistical centres and main trucking highways.
Helsinki, Turku and Tampere have been named as the locations for HydRe’s first stations, with these sites expected to be fully operational by 2024.
It is hoped that the Helsinki, Turku and Tampere stations will enable early-adapter trucking and shipping companies to implement hydrogen powered vehicles.
The high-capacity stations will also be available for public use and light vehicles.
Only locally produce clean hydrogen will be offered at each of the refuelling sites, a move which is set to benefit the local hydrogen economy.


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