24 Feb 2022

Sweden’s ‘First’ Hydrogen Truck to soon Hit Roads

24 Feb 2022  by   
Swedish transport group MaserFrakt will bring what it says will be Sweden’s first hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck into commercial operation across the country – and yesterday (Feb 23) it placed the all-important order with Hyzon Motors.


Marking a milestone moment for Sweden’s transportation industry, the company will deploy two Hyzon HyMax-250 fuel cell electric trucks, built on a 6×4 vehicle chassis, each with a range of up to 680 kilometres.

Once on the road, the trucks will accompany MaserFrakt’s withstanding fleet of sustainable vehicles. Already, the company 750 vehicles that run without fossil fuels.

Max Holthausen, CEO of Hyzon Motors Europe, said, “Hyzon is proud to be a chosen supplier for customers who are pushing their operations towards the emissions targets imposed by each country in Europe.

“MaserFrakt AB will be the first company to deploy a Hyzon hydrogen heavy truck on the road in Sweden. The initial order paves the way for future collaborations to expand hydrogen mobility in Sweden.”

Further cementing its commitment to hydrogen, MaserFrakt has already agreed to support infrastructure developments through agreement for hydrogen supply with Svea Vind Offshore and a hydrogen station with Nel.

Per Bondemark, CEO of MaserFrakt, added, “This will be an important step in our ambitions in the energy transition. Together with our customers we are constantly trying to find better and more sustainable transport solutions. We are confident that the collaboration with Hyzon Motors will pave the way for a greener future.”


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