18 Nov 2023

Australia's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prime Mover Truck Is Ready for Purchase

18 Nov 2023  by hydrogenfuelnews   

The commercial fuel cell truck is available to buy.

Produced by Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2), the hydrogen fuel cell prime mover truck, “Taurus”, is the first of its kind in Australia and is now available for sale on the commercial market, marking a major milestone for the Australian hydrogen company.

The new HFC truck could revolutionize the country’s long haul transportation sector.

Pure Hydrogen believes that the large-scale adoption of heavy transport vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel is key to kicking off Australia’s hydrogen economy.

The company, which is both a supplier of hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) vehicles and actual hydrogen, has cemented several agreements with customers across multiple markets which could help Pure Hydrogen reach its zero-carbon goals.

The hope is that the Taurus will transform Australia’s long haul transportation industry and launch HFC commercial vehicles into the mainstream.

The Taurus is an Australian designed 220 kilowatt, 6×4 hydrogen fuel cell prime mover truck. It has a range of 600 kilometers (372.8 miles) and takes only 15 minutes to fully refuel, similarly to a diesel-powered truck. The range and refueling advantages are two of the top reasons that hydrogen fuel is seen by some as a more sensible clean power solution for long-haul heavy-duty trucks compared to electric vehicles, which have less range and can take hours to charge.

The Taurus hydrogen truck was built to handle the toughest tasks and can reportedly handle as much as 70 tons. The truck features a cabin meant for long haul driving with innovative features and ergonomics for a “fatigue free journey”.

Additionally, the Taurus utilizes all components in the running gear of present-day diesel trucks; components from leading suppliers like Dana, Hendrikson, Jost, Eaton, and CATL.

Another benefit of the Taurus is that, once ordered, the vehicle can supposedly be delivered faster than a current internal combustion diesel truck.

In an interview with Stockhead, Pure Hydrogen sales manager Clint Butler said that “The Taurus is a zero emission vehicle that can be on the road in 9 months from time of order – try ordering an internal combustion diesel truck today and you will not receive it until mid-2025.”

Prior to announcing the sale of its Taraus hydrogen fuel truck, Pure Hydrogen showcased the vehicle in Brisbane’s Truck Show earlier this year. Following that showcase, the company trialed a Taurus prime mover for six months at one of PepsiCo Australia’s manufacturing sites.


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