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21 Feb 2022

Gas Prices in Seoul Top 1,800 Won Per Liter

21 Feb 2022  by   

Photo : YONHAP News

Gas prices in Seoul topped 18-hundred won per liter on Monday for the first time in 14 weeks.

According to oil price information portal Opinet, run by the Korea National Oil Corporation, the average price of gasoline sold at gas stations in the capital rose four-point-58 won to one-thousand-801-point-four won per liter Monday morning.

The last time such prices climbed to the 18-hundred won range was on November 12 of last year when the government tentatively slashed fuel taxes for six months in a bid to ease rising pressure on inflation amid surging oil prices.

A gas station of SK energy and one of GS Caltex in Seoul saw gas prices top 25-hundred won per liter on Monday.

The average price of gasoline nationwide also rose one-point-35 won from the previous day, selling at one-thousand-735-point-two won per liter.


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