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20 Feb 2022

China Datang Guaranteed Power and Heat Supply During Beijing Winter Olympics

20 Feb 2022  by   
During the Spring Festival of 2022, China Datang was in full swing to ensure energy supply, and the production safety was stable and orderly. The accumulative power output is 9.142 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 11.04%. The 57 heat source plants and 14 heat power companies affiliated to CDT have accumulated heat supply of 14,007,700 GJ, a year-on-year increase of 1,659,800 GJ, providing a strong guarantee of electricity and heat for the people across the country to spend the Spring Festival and the grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics in peace and happiness.

The Spring Festival coincides with the Winter Olympics, which makes energy security and stable supply all the more significant. As a central state-owned energy company responsible for nearly two-thirds of the power supply in the capital and the task of supplying nearly 800 million square meters of heat in in three northern regions of China, China Datang firmly shoulders the glorious mission of ensuring energy supply with the highest standards, and goes all out to ensure power supply and heat supply during the Winter Olympics.

On the morning of the official opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zou Lei, Chairman of China Datang, made a video connection with the front-line power supply workers for the Winter Olympics. He inspected their work and encouraged them to complete the power supply mission with highest standards, making CDT’s contribution for a simple, safe and exciting winter Olympics event.

Ignite the Olympic Flame with responsibility and illuminate the Olympic arena with undertakings. China Datang will always fulfill its duties and responsibilities, continue to carry forward the fine tradition of continuous combat and demonstrate the mission of central energy enterprises with firmer responsibilities, a better mental outlook, and a more solid work style in the protection of power supply and heat supply during Winter Olympics.


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