24 Jan 2022

H2X Global and ADVIK to Manufacture Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cells, Vehicles

24 Jan 2022  by   

H2X Global Ltd, an Australia-based vehicle and powered products manufacturer, and ADVIK Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd have launched a joint venture to manufacture products and components for hydrogen-powered vehicles, including fuel cells, for India and the global market.

The vehicles and components have been designed and developed by the H2X Global design team, and production is scheduled to start immediately to cater to the rapidly growing demand for hydrogen-powered equipment and vehicles in India.

H2X is driven by a team with over 20 years of experience in Europe and Asia with the development of fuel cell and hydrogen vehicles and power systems, and currently developing several customer delivery programs for fixed power generation and vehicles in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.

H2X and ADVIK will begin production of H2X’s Series of fuel cell powered generators. H2X currently has several of these units in deployment in Australia. The first generators manufactured by the joint venture will be put into service with a large-scale power system providing emission-free power for ADVIK’s state of the art R&D center in Pune, India.

“India is destined to be a leader in the hydrogen industry with strong support from Government and industry. As a company which has always been ahead of the curve, we are aggressively pushing into the Hydrogen space as a core growth area for our company and as a leader of this movement in the country,” said Aditya Bhartia, Managing Director of ADVIK Hi-Tech. “We have great confidence in the product range from H2X as being one with several key opportunities to support to the deployment of Hydrogen in the Indian Market and together with our local knowledge and expertise we see great opportunity to develop this for the acceleration of the Indian Clean Energy movement.”

Over the past year, the two companies have been working together to explore opportunities for hydrogen in the Indian market and as the dawn of the green hydrogen revolution comes upon the country, the joint venture is launched to position H2X and ADVIK as key players within that.

ADVIK will become a major supplier of products and components to H2X on a global level. It will also be launching distribution activity for products from H2X through the joint venture.

The first products will be delivered to the market within the coming few months, with the power system in Pune being the highlight of the launch of the venture. 

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