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18 Jan 2022

Innovative Lolwe Hybrid Solar 600kWp Minigrid Inaugurated in Uganda

18 Jan 2022  by   

The Lolwe hybrid solar 600kWp minigrid with integrated productive hub and e-mobility has been inaugurated on Lolwe Island, Uganda.

Lolwe Mini-Grid in Uganda. Picture credit: ENGIE Energy Access

This joint project between ENGIE Energy Access and Equatorial Power sets new records in terms of value and replicability, connects over 3,000 households and more than 700 businesses, impacting 15,000 people and providing clean, reliable electricity, as well as a range of other services.

The project addresses the urgent needs of the local population, which lacks access to clean, reliable energy and clean water. The project is scalable to the entire Lake Victoria region (the largest lake in Africa) and can be rolled out across other African countries.

Beyond delivering affordable, reliable and renewable electricity, the Lolwe minigrid features as productive hub that will transform raw materials into value-added products, addressing basic needs that are not being met on the islands. The hub includes water pumping, distribution and purification services, modern fish-drying facilities and ice-making devices to conserve the daily catch of fish.

An electric mobility solution for fishing boats and motorcycles completes the integrated and green energy-enabled infrastructure on the site, for the benefit of users. ENGIE Equatorial is also providing business incubation and asset-financing services to empower the growth of local businesses.

The Lolwe project is a scalable model – matching green infrastructure and ICT innovation to deliver real impact.

Gillian-Alexandre Huart, CEO of ENGIE Energy Access: “The Lolwe minigrid’s distributed renewable technology and integrated business model will significantly improve the lives and economic perspectives of the underserved communities living far from the grid. The Lolwe minigrid is setting the stage for the next generation of decentralised energy infrastructure, and will help to accelerate universal energy access.”

With adequate institutional support, ENGIE Equatorial is committed to investing substantial amounts of capital to replicate this project across all the islands of Lake Victoria and beyond.

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