17 Jan 2022

Hyzon Delivered 87 Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Vehicles in 2021

17 Jan 2022  by   

Hyzon Motors reported that it delivered 87 fuel-cell-powered heavy-duty vehicles in 2021 under commercial sales agreements. Eight dump trucks that were deployed under trial leases in Foshan, a UN Hydrogen Demonstration City in China, are not included in the 87 vehicle deliveries.

The 2021 shipments exceeded the forecast of 85 fuel cell vehicle deliveries set by the company in February 2021, prior to the deteriorating global supply chain that seriously impacted the production plans of zero-emission and traditional vehicle suppliers alike.

Hyzon anticipates its 2021 financial results will reflect both lower average selling price per vehicle due to product mix and multi-year revenue recognition for the majority of sales, which will result in materially lower than forecast revenues and margins.

As highlighted during Hyzon’s third quarter earnings call, the company proactively shifted its deployment focus to Asia where average selling prices are approximately half of other regions.

The Hyzon vehicles delivered were heavy-duty fuel-cell truck models ranging in weight from 18 to 49 metric tonnes deployed for a variety of use cases. These applications include refuse collection with a leading European supplier of refuse collection vehicles; sewer cleaning with European municipalities; and heavy-duty use cases such as steel coil haulage with the largest steel company in the world.

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