20 Dec 2021

Liebherr Indonesia Announce Long-Term Partnership

20 Dec 2021  by World Coal   
Liebherr Indonesia has recently entered its new business relationship with PT Karunia Armada Indonesia, an Indonesian mining contractor, through the handover of an R 9100 hydraulic excavator at the Tabang mine site in East Borneo, Indonesia. Another R 9200 mining excavator will follow soon.

Liebherr Indonesia and PT Karunia Armada Indonesia celebrated the symbolic handover of an R 9100 mining excavator. The ceremony also marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two companies. PT Karunia Armada Indonesia is currently working on a project at the Tabang mine site and aims to increase the coal production in order to meet the mine owner’s higher requirements.

Danang Wiyana, Project Manager of PT Karunia Armada Indonesia, commented: “We are amazed at how easily and efficiently Liebherr Indonesia's technicians were able to assemble the machine.”

Good cooperation between the field teams of PT Karunia Armada Indonesia and Liebherr Indonesia during the machine assembly process also strengthened the relationship between the companies.

“It was an honour to work hand in hand with Karunia. We worked together as one team and managed to get the machine up and running within the expected time frame,” added Untung Suhendri, one of Liebherr Indonesia's technicians.

The R 9100 mining excavator that started operating right after the assembly convinced the customer through its performances. “We are more than satisfied with our first Liebherr mining excavator as we have always met our production targets since it was commissioned,” commented Danang Wiyana. The R 9100 succeeded in loading over 100 t more than what was initially expected of the unit.

The oversized R 9100 machine key symbolised the beginning of a long-term business relationship. The R 9200 mining excavator is expected to start operating at the Tabang mine site in April 2022.


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