17 Dec 2021

Air Liquide, Redexis to Open 100 Hydrogen Stations in Spain

17 Dec 2021  by   

Air Liquide and Redexis have signed a collaboration agreement to develop a project on the hydrogen mobility value chain in Spain. The two companies will work to deploy a network of up to 100 hydrogen stations in Spain by 2030, mostly dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles.

The network of hydrogen stations would be strategically located in the main transport connections, such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in the main corridors linking the country with Europe, the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Within the framework of the energy transition, the aim of this project is to accelerate the development of hydrogen vehicles in Spain, providing a sustainable solution to the transport sector.

"As a hydrogen pioneer, Air Liquide is proud to partner with Redexis to contribute to the deployment of an ecosystem dedicated to heavy hydrogen mobility in Spain. Hydrogen is a key element of the energy transition, in particular for industrial and mobility applications. In line with its Climate Goals, Air Liquide is working towards the development of a low-carbon society," said Bénédicte Levinson, CEO of Air Liquide in Spain and Portugal.

This partnership will benefit from Air Liquide's more than 50 years of experience across the hydrogen value chain and Redexis' capabilities in the development of gas infrastructures for vehicles.

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