16 Dec 2021

ABB to Provide Electrical Equipment to Support the ‘World’s Largest’ Single Stack High-Pressure Electrolyser Project for hydrogen Production

16 Dec 2021  by   

ABB and HydrogenPro have revealed a new collaboration that will look to reduce the cost of hydrogen production to accelerate its wider adoption with a new validation programme also set to increase electrolyser efficiency.

Revealed on Tuesday (Dec 14), the deal will see ABB to provide electrical equipment for the “world’s largest” single stack high-pressure electrolyser that will be deployed in a test facility in Herøya, Norway in 2022.

Once operational, ABB has said that the system will be capable of producing 1,100 normal cubic metres of green hydrogen per hour.

To support this development, the validation programme will include rigorous testing to see how the performance criteria and efficiency of the electrolyser can be optimised.

This will enable HydrogenPro to make further improvements to the electrolyser system before introducing similar technology on a long-term, large scale at similar facilities around the world.

Karoline Aafoss, Sales Manager at HydrogenPro, said, “It was essential for us to work with a trusted, specialist partner to validate our technology and ensure optimum operational performance before we roll-out large-scale, global production, which will be key to future customer adoption.

“ABB’s portfolio of integrated electrification solutions will complement our world-class electrolyser technology to create the optimum green production model of the future.”

Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries, said, “In this decade alone, low carbon hydrogen demand will double – and by 2050, it will make up almost a fifth of all global energy demand. Our collective challenge is to produce enough to meet the demand, at a much lower cost.

“As an industry, we have a responsibility and commitment to explore how we can unleash the full environmental and economic potential of hydrogen, which has huge potential in helping to reach our climate goals.

“We are especially proud to be partnering with HydrogenPro on this important project.”

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