10 Dec 2021

Angstrom Advanced to Generate Hydrogen Through Photovoltaic Energy with New System

10 Dec 2021  by   

According to Angstrom, hydrogen produced through photovoltaic energy is leading the green revolution across the world with it able to create an abundance of green hydrogen.

© Angstrom Advanced

To take advantage of this growing market, Angstrom Advanced has released a 2.5MW containerised single stack hydrogen production system that utilises photovoltaic energy to produce green hydrogen that can be sued in several different industries and applications.

The system uses advanced alkaline water electrolysis to produce the hydrogen with it also able to be modularised to 10MW/100MW or even larger module scales.

This is a significant development and could help diversify the hydrogen market with a range of solutions now able to meet the demand required to produce hydrogen in the coming years.

Compared with traditional power stations, photovoltaic DC power generation systems reduce the process of inverter and voltage boost.

The main equipment and facilities include photovoltaic modules, combiner box, bracket, foundation, and grounding device. 

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