09 Dec 2021

Southampton to be Converted into a UK Hydrogen Hub

09 Dec 2021  by   

Southampton, UK, could be set to transform into a hydrogen hub with ExxonMobil, SGN, and Green Investment Group (GIG) all signing agreements to achieve this goal.

Revealed today (Dec 8), the Southampton Hydrogen Hub will drive down carbon emissions from one of the UK’s largest industrial clusters with the memorandum of understanding (MoU) set to be critical in developing an international hydrogen supply chain.

Southampton also has access to one of the UK’s largest international ports which could be an important aspect of the hydrogen hub.

In decarbonising this region, and introducing hydrogen technologies, the capabilities of Southampton could provide the UK a global export and import hub for hydrogen helping to support the rising demand for the clean energy carrier.

According to an initial feasibility study led by SGN and GIG suggests that increasing the use of hydrogen with carbon capture in Southampton would help reduce emissions within the local domestic sector and stimulate the local economy through the conversion of the natural gas network.

The hydrogen hub will have an initial hydrogen production capacity of 4.3TWh per year and could support specialist jobs in the area with production set to commence as early as 2030.

Angus McIntosh, Director of Energy Futures at SGN, said, “Hydrogen will be key in our journey to net zero, providing a reliable, affordable and practical supply of clean energy to multiple sectors whilst ensuring security of supply.

“The creation of hydrogen hubs in and around industry is a great way of achieving scaled hydrogen demand and creating hydrogen economies. We are pleased to partner in this project to explore decarbonisation of the Solent area and build on the outputs of the feasibility study.

“This project can kick start a net zero industrial cluster in Southampton and stimulate net zero gas networks across the South of England.”

Joe Blommaert, President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, said, “Hydrogen has the potential to help provide customers with access to affordable, reliable energy while minimising emissions.

“We are pleased to be part of this collaboration that includes a technical study to assess the potential for the Fawley facility to play a key role in both hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage solutions. With well-designed policy and regulations, hydrogen can help reduce the emissions of the Southampton industrial area that provides vital products for modern life.”


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