09 Dec 2021

R.Power Group, Nomad Electric, and Onde Sign Solar Contracts

09 Dec 2021  by Energy Global   

The Group, which secured the rights to sell energy from projects in Poland with a capacity of nearly 400 MWp in the segment of both small and large projects, has signed agreements for the construction of a portfolio of 135 photovoltaic (PV) farms. 72 PV farms will be built by Nomad Electric and 63 farms by Onde.

The main object of the contracts is the implementation of investments including the supply, installation, construction, and commissioning of a portfolio of PV power plants, located throughout Poland. Some of the projects use tracking systems – so-called solar trackers, which allow the PV modules to be moved and positioned in the optimal direction and at the best angle to the sun. The scope of work excludes the supply of PV modules and inverters. The value of the projects carried out by Nomad Electric is almost PLN 170 million (€37 million), and PLN 164 million (€36 million) by Onde.

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