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29 Nov 2021

Construction of Nuclear Waste Repository to Start in 2022

29 Nov 2021  by   

Construction of a special storage facility for low- and medium-level waste at the Krško-Krsko Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) will begin in early 2022 as the project is in the final stages of obtaining and selecting the necessary documents. It’s a schedule. Contractor.

The environmental impact assessment is complete and the consent to the environment is final. In addition, a permit to build a repository to be built in the Vrbina area near the N plant is expected soon.

After the investment program revisions implemented this year, projects that are behind schedule are expected to cost one-tenth the cost of the original estimate.

The price tag is currently € 194 million and includes compensation for the Krško municipality for restrictions on space used during investment, Sandi Viršek, head of the National Radioactive Waste Agency (ARAO), recently told the media. rice field.

The fund is ring fenced to the NEK decommissioning fund. The contractor will be selected this year and it is estimated that construction will take nearly three years. He added that the trial launch is scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024.

The project includes a building of technology and management services, which primarily acts as a disposal unit for NEK waste (93%), as well as waste generated in hospitals, and silos 55 meters deep and 27 meters wide. Includes construction. , Industrial and research institutes that have been stored near Ljubljana.

Low and medium level waste is stored in concrete containers. The silo can accept up to 990 containers. This means that there should be enough space to store half of Slovenia’s NEK waste and half of the power plant decommissioning waste.

The project was approved in 2014 and the pilot phase was originally scheduled for 2020. NEK currently stores these two types of waste.

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