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29 Nov 2021

The Global Impact Conference will be Held on December 1 with the Support of ROSATOM

29 Nov 2021  by Rosatom   

ROSATOM Director General Alexey Likhachev will take part in the Global Impact Conference “Bridging the Gaps”, an international case-based conference, which will take place on December 1, 2021. The event will be held online with the support of ROSATOM, UN Global Compact, Euronews news channel, and as digital partner.

Best practices in the field of sustainable development and real cases for addressing the challenges of our time will be presented at the conference. During the Global Impact Conference 2021, leading experts working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in different countries across the world will meet on one platform. More than 40 experts from 30 countries will take part in the conference, including government officials, international organizations, corporations, NGOs, development institutions and local expert communities. One of the topics of the conference will be the role of trust and collaboration with young visionaries in addressing global challenges and the issue of sustainable development.

GIC 2021 will open with a plenary session led by ROSATOM Director General Alexey Likhachev where experts will present and consider the possibilities of the impact of businesses on sustainable development goals. Talks are also scheduled to be given by Leslie Dewan (USA, co-founder of RadiantNano, an innovative technology developer for nuclear reactors), Brenda Mwale (Malawi, Program Coordinator for Malawi Climate Leaders Network), Gerd Leonhard (Germany, founder of The Futures Agency), Nora Berra (France, ex-Minister of Health); Sylvain Denoncin (France, President and CEO of Okeenea), T?lin Akin (Turkey, co-founder of Tabit, a social platform for farmers).

Speakers will present projects that put sustainable development goals into practice and address topics such as climate change, renewable energy and clean technologies, socially transformative investments, the digital divide and gender inequality, universal access to education and clean water and sanitation, and the reduction of poverty and hunger. Within the framework of the program, tools for preserving the planet's biodiversity, concepts of cities of the future, and a program to support overall living standards will be presented. At the end of the conference, a collection of more than 50 successful cases and effective international best practices in the field of sustainable development will be assembled.

Alexey Likhachev commented: “It is impossible to solve the challenges of energy transition and environmental issues in the political coordinates in which the world lives today. We need to abandon the primitive understanding of energy transition as just flipping a switch. It is a common cause. It also requires considerable economic calculations and technological models, and an understanding of how many resources will be required to create the necessary energy. At the present moment, it is important for us to draw conclusions and do our homework based on the results of the COP26 summit, as well as take practical steps in a coordinated manner.”

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