25 Nov 2021

Gazprom to Explore Pilot Projects for Hydrogen in Russia

25 Nov 2021  by   

With hydrogen gaining further traction in Russia, Gazprom revealed on Tuesday (Nov 23) that it will engage in pilot hydrogen energy projects within the region.

Hydrogen has been identified by the Gazprom Board of Directors as a key clean energy carrier with significant potential in decarbonising vast parts of the Russian Federation.

Because of this, Gazprom plans to engage in the implementation of pilot hydrogen energy projects in Russia.

Jointly with the relevant ministries in Russia, the company has drawn up a draft roadmap for the high-tech area of activity dubbed ‘Development of hydrogen energy and decarbonisation of industry and transport on the basis of natural gas’.

Gazprom has said that it sees hydrogen as both a means to reduce the carbon footprint of natural gas supplies whilst also being key as a commercial product.

Gazprom Hydrogen, a special purpose company, has also been established to carry out innovative projects and devise integrated solutions in the area of natural gas-based hydrogen technologies.

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