24 Nov 2021

SK to Build World’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant

24 Nov 2021  by   

SK E&S, which is in charge of SK Groups’ hydrogen business, is expected to sign a business agreement on Nov. 26 with the central government, South Chungcheong Province and Korea Midland Power to produce blue hydrogen near the Boryeong LNG Terminal located in the province.

SK E&S plans to produce 250,000 tons of blue hydrogen annually near the Boryeong LNG Terminal.

The annual production and the total project cost are estimated at 250,000 tons and 5.3 trillion won, respectively. In addition, 100 hydrogen charging stations will be built nationwide and supplied with the blue hydrogen.

In Incheon, SK E&S is going to build a hydrogen liquefaction plant with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons by 2023. The company is aiming to lead the global hydrogen industry by increasing its annual hydrogen production volume to at least 280,000 tons by 2025.

SK Group as a whole is rapidly expanding its green business these days. For example, the group is going to build comprehensive value chains in the hydrogen industry by investing 18 trillion won for four years to come. In the industry, SK E&S is already collaborating with Plug Power, China Huadian Corporation, the Vietnamese government, etc.

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