22 Nov 2021

JA Solar Uses Sustainable Power to Illuminate Green Venues as Countdown Begins to the Games in Beijing

22 Nov 2021  by JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd.   
As a proponent of green development, JA Solar has actively joined the array providing green electricity for the upcoming games in Beijing. Located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, the Guyuan 200MW animal husbandry and solar integration project will supply green power for the landmark sporting event with all JA Solar's high-efficiency monocrystalline modules. The project will yield an average of 430 million kWh electricity a year, equivalent to reducing coal consumption by 129,000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 300,000 tons.

Through a combination of animal husbandry and PV power generation, the project, well adapted to the temperate grassland climate in Guyuan, provides adequate feeding for livestock while also generating abundant electricity, thereby effectively using the land resources to achieve win-win benefits for both the economy and the environment.

As a driver of technological innovation in the PV industry, JA Solar has been committed to promoting the integration of production, teaching and research. In Zhangjiakou, a co-host city of the games, the 3rd Solar Decathlon China(SDC) competition was recently held as scheduled. Sponsored by JA Solar, and designed by the SolarArk 3.0 and XJTU+ teams, the energy-saving eco-houses with solar systems have been successfully constructed. These eco-houses, installed with JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 high-efficiency modules and aimed at "sustainable development, smart interconnection, and human health," are exemplary in the promotion and application of photovoltaics.

The much-anticipated event in Beijing, is destined to be recorded in history in the context of global carbon neutrality, when for the first time in its 100-year history, all the venues will be 100% covered by green power.

As the saying goes: "Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver." A better living environment is what we yearn for and by taking the games in Beijing as an opportunity, JA Solar looks forward to working with customers old and new in order to spread the concept of global low-carbon and green development and promote the construction of a Zero Carbon Society.

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