12 Nov 2021

Daystar Power to Install Solar Systems at Five Nigerian Factories

12 Nov 2021  by   

Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) is taking the next step to reducing its carbon footprint through a partnership with Daystar Power to roll out solar systems as a primary daytime energy source for all its Nigerian factories over the next year.

Seven-Up Bottling Company's Kano factory solar installation

These installations will bring SBC’s total installed solar power capacity to 12MW, making it Nigeria’s largest industrial player using solar energy to power its operations.

Daystar Power, the leading provider of solar power solutions to West Africa’s industrial manufacturers, announced that it has reached an agreement with SBC to install 10.5MW solar power systems for five of its factories across Nigeria. This will bring SBC’s total installed solar power capacity to 12MW, making it Nigeria’s largest industrial manufacturer to power its operations with solar energy.

Tosin Faniro-Dada, Managing Director and CEO of Endeavor Nigeria, said: “We’re excited about this partnership between Daystar Power co-founders, Jasper Graf von Hardenberg and Christian Wessels, who are Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and Faysal El-Khalil, Chairman of Seven-Up Bottling Company, who is a member of the Endeavor Nigeria board.”

He adds: “Daystar Power has built a fantastic solution and we were thrilled we have a board member whose company would benefit from using solar energy to power its operations. This partnership clearly illustrates the magic of the Endeavor network and the relevance of fostering lasting relationships.”

In 2021, SBC partnered with Daystar Power to design, operate and manage nearly 1.5MW solar power systems at two of its bottling plants. The solar solutions company installed 450kW and 990kW solar systems at SBC’s Kaduna and Kano factories.

The rooftop installations consisted respectively of 842 535Wp panels and 1,543 535Wp and 532 310Wp panels. With these two solar power systems, SBC will offset a combined 24,224 MT in CO2 emissions over the installations’ 25 year lifetime and save up to 40% on its power costs.

Following these two installations, SBC has committed to partnering with the solar company on additional solar power systems at its five factories in Abuja, Lagos (Ikeja), Ibadan, and Ilorin over the next six months.

This will bring Seven-Up’s total installed solar power capacity to 12MW across seven factories. The solar power systems at the factories could provide over 50% of its total daytime power consumption depending on the installation size and amount of sunshine. Current Daystar clients in Lagos have generated up to 86% of total daytime energy needs from solar power.

Both companies are in discussion to roll out solar energy as the primary daytime power source at SBC’s nine sites in Nigeria, making it Nigeria’s largest industrial manufacturer to use solar energy in its operations.

Ziad Maalouf, Managing Director of SBC, said: “We’re delighted to deepen our partnership with Daystar Power to install solar power systems for our Nigerian operations. Solar energy is a win-win for us – we can save significantly on our power costs and reduce our carbon emissions.”

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO and Co-founder of Daystar Power, said: “Seven-Up has shown extraordinary leadership in adopting solar energy. They are proof that Nigerian industrial manufacturers can save costs on energy and meet their sustainability requirements.”


Daystar Power is a leading off-grid power service provider, offering hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in West Africa. The company’s Solar-as-a-Service (100% solar power) and Power-as-a-Service (hybrid power solutions with battery storage) offerings provide clean and reliable power while significantly reducing overall power costs.

Daystar Power’s clients pay a flat monthly fee or a variable tariff (per kilowatt-hour) for premium power services, which include a power audit and assessment of energy needs, a bespoke proposal, installation, and full operation & maintenance. Clients do not incur any capital expenditure and do not pay up-front costs. By outsourcing the management of their power systems, Daystar Power clients can focus more on running their core businesses.

The company counts the region’s leading industrial and commercial (C&I) companies among its client base and is active in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Senegal with a representative office in Cote d’Ivoire. Founded in 2017, by the African venture builder Sunray Ventures, Daystar has 32MW of installed power capacity.

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