09 Nov 2021

Papua New Guinea could Produce 2.3 million Tonnes of Green Hydrogen per Year with New Agreement

09 Nov 2021  by   

Papua New Guinea (PNG) could receive a significant boost in developing its green hydrogen ecosystem with the nation partnering with Fortescue Future industries (FFI) to develop multiple large-scale green hydrogen projects.

With the signing of a master development agreement (MDA), this will enable FFI to undertake several feasibility studies that aim to put the nation on the global green hydrogen map.

FFI said that in developing these projects, the company can tap into PNG’s hydrogen production potential with the identified projects capable of producing 2.3 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

The agreement includes development of seven hydropower and 11 geothermal energy projects which, with the renewable energy produced from these sites, can be used to produce green hydrogen.

It is expected that this will provide domestic clean energy for the PNG and kickstart the transition away from fossil fuel-based reliance by creating hydrogen and ammonia.

Julie Shuttleworth, CEO of Fortescue Future Industries, said, “Our green energy vision for PNG will lead to more jobs, a stronger economy, thriving communities and importantly, lower emissions for Papua New Guinea.

“We share Prime Minister Marape’s vision that PNG can be at the forefront of developing hydropower and geothermal resources for the emerging global green hydrogen industry.

“We are looking forward to continuing our work alongside the Government of Papua New Guinea to develop these important opportunities.”

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