03 Nov 2021

Germany, UAE Establish Hydrogen Task Force to Accelerate the Production of Green Hydrogen

03 Nov 2021  by   

A new Emirati-German Taskforce for hydrogen and synthetic fuels has been revealed today (Nov 2) as the two countries expand cooperation in green hydrogen and accelerate its production.

The UAE has been identified by Germany as having significant potential in producing renewable energy and green hydrogen with both solar and wind abundant in the region.

With this potential, Germany and the UAE will work together to support its production and integration of synthetic fuels to support the growing sector for zero-carbon transportation.

Hydrogen could well fall into this category with fuel cells becoming more popular in the automotive industry.

The taskforce will focus on the implementation of specific projects as necessary framework conditions to scale up the production of green hydrogen.

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Andreas Feicht, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, said, “The United Arab Emirates have great potential for renewable energies and are therefore a very good partner for cooperation in the field of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.”


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