03 Nov 2021

Erthos Mounts Secure Solar Arrays to the Ground without Racking

03 Nov 2021  by Erthos   

Five solar projects using a proprietary minimal racking ground mount solution are nearing completion in California.

Totaling 3 MW, the portfolio is using Erthos‘ Earth Mount Solar PV system, which installs solar modules directly on the ground without the use of trackers or other steel substructures. Earth Mount is designed to reduce the steel required to install solar at scale.

The plants have been designed by Erthos Energy Partners and are developed and sold by strategic development partner, White Pine Renewables. The plants will be maintained by Erthos Energy Services through a subcontract with NAES Corporation, an independent operations, maintenance and repair service, and monitored by myPV, which supplies and operates ErthCompatible SCADA systems.

Four of the five projects are being constructed by One Sun Power, one of the industry’s first Erthos-certified builders.

The plants will be owned by electrical contractor Directional Services. Energy from four of the plants will be sold under 20-year power purchase agreements to Olam Food Ingredients, a natural and sustainable food ingredients retailr in California’s Central Valley. The other two projects will sell power under 25-year PPAs.

“As a new technology, stakeholders naturally want to know that the technology is permittable, insurable and bankable. Fortunately, we have now successfully and repeatedly permitted our UL 2703-certified system in four counties, in two utility service areas and with owners successfully and consistently securing insurance and non-recourse financing,” said Jim Tyler, CEO of Erthos. “These projects will help to further prime the pump for our substantial pipeline.”

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