29 Oct 2021

Hydro Extends Its Reach into the Green Hydrogen Market with Hydro Havrand

29 Oct 2021  by   

Norwegian energy and aluminium company Hydro has today (Oct 28) revealed that it will branch into the green hydrogen market by creating a new dedicated company called Hydro Havrand.

This new company is expected to be a part of Hydro’s strategic direction in strengthening its position in low carbon aluminium with the group exploring new growth opportunities.

Per Christian Eriksen, Head of Hydro Havrand, said, “The core of our business is using green hydrogen based on renewable energy to replace fossil fuels across a range of sectors.

“This includes many heavy industries where a part of the production process often requires temperatures far higher than what electricity can produce, as well as the maritime sector and long-distance transport.

“Together these three sectors make up almost 30% of global carbon emissions and we have the opportunity to change that by getting them to switch to green hydrogen.

“We want to make green hydrogen a key energy solution, which means that we will not only produce the hydrogen but also work closely with our customers to provide the solutions they need to make the switch from coal, oil or gas to green hydrogen in their industrial processes.”

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