14 Oct 2021

KP Engineering, OMNI to Collaborate on Developing Green Hydrogen Projects

14 Oct 2021  by   

KP Engineering and OMNI Conversion Technologies have revealed a collaboration that will see the two groups supply equipment and technology to produce hydrogen from waste.

The result of this will be hydrogen with a negative carbon footprint whilst also being half the price of electrolysis.

Although the two groups have previously worked together, the new agreement formalises the collaboration and hopes to set up a one-stop shop for potential customers.

This could enhance the transition to hydrogen technologies with companies able to come to one group to source the clean energy carrier.

OMNI and KP will work together to provide an integrated modular solution for converting a wide variety of minimally prepared wastes to hydrogen.

The resulting carbon emissions will be captured for subsequent use or sequestrian.

William Preston, President and Chief Operating Officer of KP Engineering, said, “The partnership between KPE as an industry-leading EPC with a ground-breaking technology provider such as OMNI embodies the type of collaboration that will bring green hydrogen to fruition.

“This agreement solidifies an already highly efficient working relationship between KPE and OMNI, and will bring to market a cost-effective, zero- and even negative-carbon emission option for producing green hydrogen.”

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