08 Oct 2021

Air Products’ Texas-Based Liquid Hydrogen Plant Now Onstream

08 Oct 2021  by   

Air Products has revealed today (Oct 7) that its liquid hydrogen plant, which produces 30 tonnes per day in Texas, US, is onstream as it looks to enhance the hydrogen ecosystem.

As well as this, plans are already in place to build a secondary facility in the Southwest US with the liquid hydrogen produced here expected to be sold for the mobility market in California.

The La Porte facility will draw its hydrogen to be liquefied from the existing Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network which will then be delivered to end-users in trailers.

This includes customers in industries such as electronics, chemical and petrochemical, metals, material handling, float glass, edible fats and oils, and utilities.

Francesco Maione, President of the Americas at Air Products, said, “We invested in this new liquid hydrogen production facility in Texas to show our commitment to our customers and to help meet current and future demand.

“The addition of this new capacity also will allow us to target the increased growth we anticipate from several markets, namely the hydrogen for mobility market. The La Porte facility’s location and operational benefits provide us with numerous supply options from this plant.

“We look forward to providing this new reliable source of liquid hydrogen, which is very important to manufacturing and other operations in several states.”

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