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17 Sep 2021

KHNP Partners with Hanwha E&C to Build Wind Farm in Gangwon Province

17 Sep 2021  by   

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, the operator of nuclear power plants in South Korea, has partnered with two domestic companies to build three wind farms with a total capacity of some 300 megawatts, which is enough to power a small city, in a mountainous area east of Seoul.

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The Taebaek Mountains in Gangwon Province is a mountain range that stretches across North Korea and South Korea. The mountains form the main ridge on the eastern side of the Korean peninsula. The eastern side of the range forms a steep fault line to the east coast while the western side forms a long and gentle slope. The mountain range has been a favored place for wind farms thanks to strong winds.

As of 2018, South Korea had about 260 wind-powered generators with a total generating capacity of 2,465 gigawatt-hour (gWh). There are some 30 wind-powered generators with a total capacity of about 86MW installed in Gangwon Province.

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) said in a statement on September 16 that the power company signed a memorandum of understanding with Hanwha E&C and Eco Green Wind Power Generation, a domestic renewable energy company, to build three wind farms with a total capacity of some 300MW in the Gangwon mountain range. By 2024, KHNP will build a wind farm capable of generating about 236 gWh of electricity annually in Yangyang County.

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