10 Sep 2021

Chevron and Caterpillar Link up for Hydrogen Demonstration

10 Sep 2021  by   

Chevron USA and Caterpillar have announced a collaboration to develop hydrogen demonstration projects in transportation and stationary power applications.

Image: Caterpillar

They aim to explore the the feasibility and performance of hydrogen for use as a commercially-viable alternative to traditional fuels for line-haul rail and marine vessels.

Chevron and Caterpillar, through its company Progress Rail, will demonstrate a hydrogen-fuelled locomotive and associated hydrogen fuelling infrastructure, with work on the rail demonstration expected to begin immediately at various locations across the US.

Jeff Gustavson, president of Chevron New Energies said: “Through Chevron New Energies, Chevron is pursuing opportunities to create demand for hydrogen – and the technologies needed for its use – for the heavy-duty transportation and industrial sectors, in which carbon emissions are harder to abate.

“Our collaboration with Caterpillar is another important step toward advancing a commercially viable hydrogen economy.”

Joe Creed, Caterpillar Group President of Energy & Transportation added: “As we work to provide customers with the capability to use their desired fuel type in their operations, collaborating with Chevron is a great opportunity to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a fuel source.

“This agreement supports our commitment to investing in new products, technologies and services to help our customers achieve their climate-related objectives as they build a better, more sustainable world.”

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