02 Sep 2021

Danish Green Hydrogen Project to be Operational in 2024

02 Sep 2021  by ICIS   

Swiss energy firm H2 Energy Europe is planning to build a 1GW green hydrogen production site in Denmark, operational in 2024, said Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

The firm plans to build a new Power-to-X facility near Esbjerg and to “convert green electricity into hydrogen to be used directly to trucks and other heavy land-based means of transport,” added the ministry statement.

The hydrogen is expected to come from surplus electricity produced by a North Sea offshore wind farm located near the future site.

Power-to-X is the process of converting surplus renewable energy into a form that can be stored - in this case hydrogen.

“Esbjerg has optimal conditions in relation to Power-to-X and green hydrogen production. First and foremost, there is a geographical advantage due to its location relative to North Sea offshore wind, just as the area has a good location in terms of export opportunities to large industrial areas in Germany and Northern Europe,” said Clifford zur Nieden, director at H2 Energy Europe.

The Swiss firm will work closely with the Danish government to speed up the construction of hydrogen pipelines and overcome future obstacles to complete the hydrogen transition, added Nieden.

The private project is set to boost Danish renewable goals as the country plans to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2030.

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