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25 Aug 2021

Egypt and Libya Interconnection Signals Great Things to Come

25 Aug 2021  by   

The Egyptian government is exploring interconnection projects between Egypt and Libya as well as with Europe. This is in addition to linkages with Jordan and Libya.

Egypt’s Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker explained that Egypt is keen to supply Libya with its needs of electrical power to contribute to the reconstruction of the North African country: “Launching power linkage projects between Egypt and Libya is a strategic goal for the two countries.”

Egypt succeeded over the past period to generate electrical power for Libya through existing projects, he pointed out.

Shaker added that the country is continuously working on strengthening the linkage lines with neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Sudan and Libya.

He announced that the goal in the coming period will be achieving electrical linkage with Europe through maritime cables, which will reach more than one country inside Europe.

The Minister revealed that his ministry has been studying a project for power linkage with Cyprus, and then to Crete and Greece.

“There is a great contact between us and Greece in this regard,” he said.

Also, there is another project being studied for power linkage between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with a load of 2,000MW of electrical power.


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