24 Aug 2021

Great Wall Motor Delivers 100 Hydrogen Trucks in China

24 Aug 2021  by   

A fleet of 100 hydrogen-powered trucks have been delivered for the Xiong’an New Area construction project in Hebei Province, China.

FTXT Energy Technology, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor (GWM), along with partners Dayun, Dongfeng and Foton, today (August 23) handed over the fleet to help promote a green hydrogen transportation network nationwide.

Each of the trucks are fitted with 111kW hydrogen fuel cell engines, hydrogen stacks and hydrogen storage – all of which was boasted when the vehicles were unveiled the Great Wall Technology Centre.

Once operational the trucks will be refuelled at ten already developed service stations that are fitted with hydrogen stations.

It’s not just how green the vehicles are that is a bonus, however, the vehicles are thought to be approximately 38% cheaper than its diesel alternatives due to them featuring locally sourced components.

As H2 View heard earlier this year during an exclusive interview, GWM will roll out its first hydrogen-powered SUV this year, and deploy its hydrogen-powered cars during the Winter Olympics in China next year.

On this, Zhang Tianyu, Head of FTXT Energy, said “The technological breakthroughs we have achieved till now, in many ways have helped us to significantly reduce the costs of the final product, as well as ensure high performance, durability, and overall efficiency.”

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