22 Aug 2021

Howden Supplies Compressors to the World’s Largest Hydrogen Refuelling Station in China

22 Aug 2021  by   

Howden has supplied three hydrogen compressors to the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) in China, the group has said.

The groups hydrogen diaphragm compressor packages have been supplied at the refuelling station in Beijing with the system boasting technological strength and reliability.

The Daxing HRS has the capacity to produce 4.8 tonnes per day of hydrogen and refuel up to 600 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including large vehicles such as trucks and buses.

The HRS station features as part of the 200,000 square-meter Beijing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone.

Salah Mahdy, Global Director of Environmental Hydrogen, said, “The Howden team is proud to be part of a project which supports the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station.

“The project demonstrates Howden’s strengths in quality, reliability, reputation for excellence in customer service and our leadership in the hydrogen compression market.

“We bring our hydrogen compression expertise of over 100 years to this growing sustainable fuel market and are pleased to support production of carbon-neutral fuels from renewable energy.”

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