19 Aug 2021

Lower Sesan II Hydropower Plant and Cambodia Help Each Other

19 Aug 2021  by   

In July, the Electric Du Cambodia (EDC) awarded the “Excellent Power Generation Enterprise Award” to Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant, commending the power plant for its highly professional and responsible spirit and the continuous supply of stable and reliable clean power in Cambodia.

The Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant was jointly funded and constructed by China Huaneng Group, Royal Group Cambodia, and Vietnam Power Company. The power generation capacity of the power station accounts for 14% of Cambodia’s total installed power generation capacity.

Cambodia’s industry, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism services are in high demand for electricity; therefore, Cambodia needs to import energy from Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

The operation of the Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant has effectively alleviated this situation. Suy Sem, the Minister of Energy and Mines, stated that the commissioning of the power station provides a stable, high-quality, and affordable power supply.

Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant provides energy independence and safe energy to Cambodia as well as help economic growth. In 2021, during the severe pandemic, the Chinese and Cambodian employees of Lower Sesan Hydropower Company still stay at the site to carry out maintenance and ensure power production and make every effort to ensure the continuous and stable supply of energy in Cambodia.

To ensure the safety of Chinese and Cambodian engineers, when carrying out outdoor maintenance, everyone wears protective clothing and carry out their work under high temperatures of more than 40 degrees. In just a few minutes, they are soaked in sweat.

The hard work pays off. As of August 2, this year, the annual power generation capacity of the power station exceeded 600 million kilowatt-hours, setting a new high for Cambodia’s power transmission during the same period since its commissioning, ensuring the stability of the Cambodian power grid and the people’s demand for electricity.

The power station has trained Cambodian engineers to participate in the operation and management of the power station and nurtured a new generation of engineers who are proficient in electricity for Cambodia. The power plant enhances Cambodia’s electric power talent reserve.

Kosal, a Cambodian who has been working in the power plant for more than 5 years, in his point of view, says China Huaneng is an energy company with great development potential. The equipment, technology, standards, and management of the Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant are at the world’s leading level.

He said, “I think the EDC awarded the “Excellent Power Generation Company Award” to Lower Sesan II Hydropower plant, not only because the power station provides clean electricity to Cambodia, but also because of its highly responsible corporate philosophy. During the pandemic, the power plant has overcome a lot of difficulties in order to ensure continuous electricity supply in Cambodia.”

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