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12 Aug 2021

Russia Pipeline Supplies 10 bln Cubic Meters of Natural Gas to China

12 Aug 2021  by   

China has imported over 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas via the China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline since its operation in 2019, customs authorities said Tuesday.

The cross-border pipeline, with a 3,000-km section in Russia and a 5,111-km stretch in China, was officially put into operation on Dec. 2, 2019.

Entering China via the border city of Heihe in the northeastern Heilongjiang Province and running through nine provincial-level regions, the pipeline has been connected with existing natural gas networks in China.

The natural gas imported through the pipeline has been supplied to regions including Beijing, Tianjin and Heilongjiang, contributing to the economic growth along the route and the optimization of China's energy structure, according to the Harbin Customs in Heilongjiang's provincial capital.

The customs said it has introduced an automated online monitoring system and improved laboratory tests to ensure the quality of imported natural gas.

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