30 Jul 2021

New 10MW Green Hydrogen Production Plant Set for Switzerland

30 Jul 2021  by   

Alpiq, EW Höfe and SOCAR Energy Switzerland are set to build a new 10MW electrolysis plant in Freienbach, Switzerland, that will produce 1,000 to 1,200 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Expected to go into operation from the end of 2022, the plant will provide green hydrogen for zero emission mobility.

The three companies have stated its desire to construct what would be the country’s largest green hydrogen production facility at the former EW Höfe substation in Freienbach.

SOCAR, EW Höfe and Alpiq are thus raising the production of green hydrogen in this country to a new level.

The green hydrogen in Freienbach is connected to the grid and produced exclusively with electricity from renewable sources.

It will primarily be used in mobility – especially in heavy duty vehicles in which battery solutions are not a primary answer.

In heavy traffic, the green hydrogen produced in Freienbach can supply a maximum of approximately 200 fuel cell electric commercial vehicles.

This helps avoid the emission of around 14,000 tons of carbon per year compared to the use of diesel trucks.

In addition to this, the hydrogen production plant will also transport the clean gas through a pipeline to the neighbouring Fuchsberg motorway service station with SOCAR set to build hydrogen filling stations in both directions.

These are currently being developed as part of a unique, cross-sector hydrogen mobility system from Hydrospider, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and the members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland association.

Thanks to this pipeline and the filling plant directly on the site of the motorway service station, no additional traffic is expected to be caused in the neighbouring villages.

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